Terms of service

Here are a couple of things you should know upfront before you proceed with your order.

► The contact number reflected in the 'Shipping Address' portion of your checkout will be contacted on the day of delivery. Please ensure that this is the recipient's number.

► During delivery, should the recipient be unavailable to receive the items, customer need to self collect at the cake shop

► Once orders are received and paid, there is no turning back. What this means is, refunds or changes to the orders will not be possible.

► No changes to orders are possible if they are less than 24-hours.

► A photograph of the cake with the recipient may be snapped at the point of delivery drop-off to ensure that we have the person on file who has received the cake (whether it is the customer or someone collecting on their behalf)


If you intend to send a surprise cake to a recipient on their birthday, our observation tells us that they tend to take time off. So be sure to check if they will be in on that very fine day!

If you would like for us to leave the cake at any guard house, please ensure there is a fridge for food storage purposes. Otherwise, the lovingly baked cakes will end up getting attacked by a legion of ants.